Reverse Table / Uttana Bharmanasana
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Uttana [here]="facing upwards"+bharman="table".


Begin in Dandasana. Lean back, resting on palms grounded behind you. Bend your knees and ground your soles. Lift your hips off and make your torso parallel to the ground. Your hands should be below your shoulders, your arms straight, and your knees bent at 90 degrees, feet below the knees. Head position may vary: head up, gaze down the center of your body; head back, gaze at the ske; or intermediate.

Variation 1

Sky-point with one hand.

Variation 2

PART 1: Begin with legs well apart and rise up...

PART 2: And skypoint.

Variation 3

Raise one leg, straight and parallel to the ground.

Variation 4

PART 1: Raise the leg from the wide stance.

PART 2: Send the raised leg out wide to the side.

Variation 5

PART 1: Raise one leg, knee bent, lower leg parallel to the ground.

PART 2: Send the bent leg out and wide.

Variation 6

Kick one leg up high and straight.

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