Vivastra Kama Yoga Correspondence--Q&A

Store Q&A: Prints

Q: Are you now selling prints, originals, etc.? Thanks,
s***1 [correspondents’ data on file]

What I would like to see in the store are all the images from the website, but in the highest resolution.
I'm very interested to get those from you.
D***I [correspondent’s data on file]

Thank you for your site. I do not find the photos erotic, but they are very beautiful.
I am an illustrator, and I would love to have prints of some of these photos for my anatomy reference because the model's musculature is so clear.
What do you charge for prints?
What sizes do you offer?
l***b[correspondent’s data on file]

A: 1. ORIGINALS: Our “originals” are all digital files.
2. PRINTS. These are now available directly from VKY photographer Mitchel Y. Evans

Store Q&A: DVDs

Q:Hello and namaste,
I am curious if these photos are available as a collection at a higher resolution on CD?
And if so, how much the collection would cost for personal, non-commercial viewing?
Incredible project!
Great work,
A***n [correspondent’s data on file]

Q: Hi.Do you have any dvd's of Wenona's yoga for sale?
S***y [correspondent’s data on file]

A: Not yet, but we think about it from time to time! We don’t see a mass market for a DVD set, so we would need to work out some easy way to produce DVD sets to special order.

Practice Q&A

Q: I live in New York and I want to know if you know if I can practice naked yoga here?
N***s [correspondent’s data on file]

Q: i want to participate in nude yoga
u***r [correspondent’s data on file]

A: VKY certainly approves both of solo and group practice (though you must form the group on your own!) But our yoga is at the root a Couples practice, whether with One instructing/holding/helping/contemplating and One practicing, or Two practicing side by side, in the living room or secluded in a garden.

“A book of pictures underneath the bough,
a jug of wine, twin yoga mats, and Thou
beside me posing in the Wilderness—
Ah! Wilderness were Paradise enow!”
[Profound apologies to Edward Fitzgerald and Omar Khayyam}

General Q&A

Q: I would like to see the progress you have made by adding new models. However, I've yet to see anyone new. I am very impressed with the artistic views displayed and would consider helping in the future if the multi model thing turns out well.
Thanks for broadening my views
J”””h [correspondent’s data on file]

A: Yes, Wenona has set us a high standard! VKY does remain on the alert for new yoginis of equal panache and capability. And you are most welcome!

Q: Hi,
Good morning , i have a a facebook app. page on Yoga and i would to write a review about your site and use some of the pics on my site, do i have your permission? I enjoy going through the site for its powerful beauty and esthetic.Thank you for inspiring site about Human beauty.
Kind regards
K***u [correspondent’s data on file]

A: Review away! But please link too!

Thanks exchanged!

Q: Dear Sir or Madame,
I want to thank you for putting together such a great website with lovely photos of the human form performing graceful poses. I am a yoga instructor and have been enjoying learning so many new poses and the interesting stories behind their Sanskrit names.
Thank you again,
[correspondent’s data on file]

A: And again, thank you! Please convey the best wishes of VKY to your students!

Q: I just want to comment that I just viewed your website and it is fabulous. I also shared it with my wife. Wenona is beautiful and perfect and I look forward to the addition of other Yoginis. I think what you provide is refreshing, pure, and done with a great deal of class. I hope this site continues
[correspondent’s data on file]

A: We hope to! And we hope that you and your wife will practice together!

Q: Hi,
I've practiced yoga for about 4 years and have done some nude yoga classes. You have a truly awesome website, the more so because it shows such excellent form in the asanas. Please thank your fearless model. What a beautiful inspiration!
D***r [correspondent’s data on file]

A: Both VKY yogini Wenona and VKY photographer Mitchel Evans are long experienced students of yoga, and deserve the credit for good form that you have generously given. Our thanks!













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