Lotus / Padmasana
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Padma="lotus". Begin in Ardhapadmasana. Draw back your extended foot, grasp it in both hands, move it across the folded opposite leg, and place it atop the opposite thigh, sole upward and heel in close. Hands are atop knees.

Variation 1

Hands in namaste ("respect").

Variation 2


Variation 3: Throne / Pithasana



From Padmasana, rise up, pressing up with grounded palms; rise further and and balance on your knees, hands in namaste, spine as close to vertical as possible.

Part 2

Throw your arms wide.

Variation 4: Yogasana


From Padmasana, fold your legs up against your belly, balancing on your butt. Hold the lotus with your upper arms, grounding your palms (yogasana B). Then pin the lotus to your chest with your elbows and upper arms, hands in namaste: (yogasana A);

Variation 5: Fetus-in-the-womb / Garbha Pindasana


Garbha="womb"+pinda="embryo". From Padmasana, begin folding the lotus toward the body as for Yogasana, but as you fold, push each arm through the sameside leg, between ankle and thigh, until the elbow is through and can be bent. Bend each elbow, balance on your butt, and bring your hands to your head.

Variation 6: Bent lotus / Namapadmasana

Part 1 From Padmasana, do a full forebend, arms out, palms down.

PART 2: Join your hands behind your back...

PART 3: and raise them high.

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