Bowing / Pranamasana
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Pranam = “bowing down”. (This name is used in other teachings for a prayerful standing posture.) Begin in Trishnasana. Bend forward, supported by hands as needed, until the crown of your head is grounded well in front of your knees. Keeping thighs vertical and butt high, reach forward and place your hands palm down.

Variation 1

Reach back and lay your hands beside your knees, palms down

Variation 2

Keeping the crown of your head on the floor, bring your arms behind your back; hold them straight back; join hands (naddhamudra or “fettered” gesture; or skypointing) and raise the joined hands high.

On account of the gesture, this pose (along with several others) is sometimes known as "yogamudrasana" or "upavistha yoga mudra" ("seated yoga seal").

Variation 3

With crown grounded, open arms wide and rotate palms upwards.

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