Shoulderstand / Sarvangasana
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Sarvanga="completely beautiful," "whole-body." Begin in Shava. Roll your legs and body back and up until you are resting on neck, head and shoulders only, while your torso and legs point straight up. Support your torso with hands braced in the small of the back.

Variation 1

Lay your arms back palm down, and spread them wide.

Variation 2

Bring legs into a front split.

Variation 3

PART 1: Bring your legs into a "pike" (gymnastics term for a forward bend at the waist).

PART 2: Open legs into an "open pike."

PART 3: Next bring legs into a straddle split.

Variation 4

Bring feet together and down for a butterfly variation.

Variation 5

PART 1: One at a time, fold legs into a half lotus.

PART 2: Then fold them into a half-lotus pike.

PART 3: Bring the bent knee down toward or to the forehead: half lotus resting pike.

Variation 6

PART 1: Fold legs into full lotus.

PART 2: Bend legs forward into lotus pike.

PART 3: Finally, fold legs into lotus rollup (pindasana).

Variation 7

Bring one leg over and down, grounding the toes (ekapada sarvangasana).

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