Lotusfish / Matsyasana
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Matsya="fish." from Shavasana, place your legs in lotus pose (padmasana, padma="lotus), with the outside edge of each foot atop the opposite thigh, ankles crossed. Arch your back, grasp your feet, ground your crown, and use your elbows for support.

Variation 1

Skypoint with both hands.

Variation 2

Bring your arms behind your back into an armbox (hands to opposite elbows) and raise your torso upon the armbox.

Variation 3

PART 1: Bring your knees back into a rollup and embrace them.

PART 2: From the Lotusfish rollup, push your arms through the folded legs until you can bend your elbows; then place your hands on your head (supts garbhasana, supta="sleeping"+ garbha="fetus").

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