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Skanda is a war god. Aka upavistha bhairavasana.  Upavistha="seated"; Bhairavasana alone is a supine foot-behind-head pose, Upavistha Bhairavasana is a seated foot-behind-head pose.. Aka ekapada sirshasana, eka="one"+pada="leg"+sirsha="head"; Instructions:  From Danda, raise one leg and take it back behind your head, bending its knee, so that its ankle fits to the back of your neck and its heel is over its opposite shoulder.  Hands in namaste.

Variation 1

PART 1: Hold legback ankle with oppositeside hand; same side hand planted on ground where needed for balance.

PART 2: Sameside hand planted, skypoint with other hand.

Variation 2

Use both hands to push off the ground.  Raise your straight leg and balance only on your two hands: chakorasana (chakora="partridge").

Variation 3

 One foot behind head, other in half-lotus, half-lotus foot behind raised thigh, hands in namaste; balance on your butt (viranchyasana, viranchya="a name of Brahma").

Variation 4

PART 1: Lift off on both hands.

PART 2: Ruchikasana: Ruchika is a sage.


Lift off on both hands. Extend the leg back.

Bend the knee of the straight leg.

Bend the knee of the straight leg, bring its foot under you and then behind you.

Lean forward, bend the knee of the straight-back leg and bring the foot under you. Plant the sole and lift up, straightening the leg.

PART 3: Durva="naked"; Durva (aka Durvasa, Durvasas) is the name of a bad-tempered sage. From Ruchikasana, bend the planted leg and both planted arms, use all to push off, raising your torso as near to vertical as possible. Hands may be in namaste.

PART 4: Arms in crucifix.

Variation 5

 From Skandasana, bring the straight leg up, sole to the sky, holding it in place by planting the sameside arm on the ground in front of it, or by hooking it with the foot of the foot-behind-head (hands may be in namaste): bhuja dandasana; bhuja="arm," danda="staff," i.e. the raised leg.

Variation 6

Viparita Kala Bhairavasana; viparita="reversed."  While Kala Bhairavasana is a sideplank pose with the lower leg in foot-behind-head, in Viparita Kala Bhairavasana, the upper leg is in foot-behind-head.


From Skandasana,  bend forward, ground both palms, and kneel on your free leg. 

Straighten the kneeling leg, turning your torso toward the leg-behind-head so that the grounded foot rests on its outer edge.

Push off and skypoint with the arm on the same side as the leg-behind-head.

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