Happy Baby / Anandabalasana
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Ananda="happiness" + bala="infant." Aka "Dead Bug Pose." Instruction: Begin in Shavasana. Bring your bent knees up and back into your torso. Raise your feet, soles to the sky, and grasp your soles from the outside with your hands.

Variation 1

PART 1: Keep your feet together, but spread your knees, and pull them back and down until the knees ground to either side of your torso.

PART 2: Press your bent legs inward and fold them across your torso: wenonabandhasana, named for the discoverer.

PART 3: Next press your bent legs outward, with hands now on the inside, at the ankles.

PART 4: Then place hands on the soles.

Variation 2

PART 1: Holding the soles from the inside (overhand hold), keeping the knees bent, rotate your legs and bring your feet as close to earth as possible: pragatasana, pragata="having the knees far apart, bandy-legged, bow-legged."

PART 2: Hold the soles from the outside (underhand hold).

PART 3: Ardhapragatasana: one leg in pragata, one straight, overhand/inside hold.

PART 4: Then try an underhand/outside hold.

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