Angle / Konasana
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Kona="angle." This is a progressive pose.

Begin in Vimanasana, feet planted well apart.

Bend forward to 90º angle to floor...

...then to hands on knees...

...then to hands on ankles...

...then to palms to floor.

From palms-on-floor, grasp one ankle in both hands and kiss the knee...

...then go back to center and bend straight down, reaching your hands behind your ankles...

…then to elbows on floor, hands inside opposite side elbows.

Now spread your legs farther and ground the crown of your head (prasarita padottanasana; prasarita="spread," pada="foot," uttana="stretched out").

Now reach both hands behind your back, interlace your fingers, and lift your arms.

Put your head and hands through your legs. Face upwards. Reach upwards to clasp your hips (paripurna konasana; paripurna="perfect, complete"; aka paripurna uttanasana).

Variation 1

From palms-on-floor Konasana, twist to keep one palm grounded and raise the other high (parivritta konasana).

Ground your elbow as well as your palm (wenonakonasana).

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