Locust / Shalabhasana
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Shalabha="grasshopper." Begin in Ubja. Bring your arms back, palms down. Ground your palms and chin and bend your back to lift off your legs.

Variation 1

PART 1: Open your lifted legs.

PART 2: Increase the angle of the open legs.

Variation 2

PART 1: Bend your knees.

PART 2: Cup one knee in the sole of the other foot.

Variation 3

PART 1: This variation is a high raise in Shalabha, with arms optionally ending bent with palms down near the shoulders, or straight back with palms grounded. It is easiest to enter via a forward roll starting in Trishnasana. The momentum of the roll is used to raise your legs straight up in the air.


PART 2: Then bend your knees.

PART 3: Bring legs straight up again and open them.

PART 4: Bend the knees once more.

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