Cobra / Bhujangasana
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Bhujanga="snake," "serpent-demon." Begin in Ubja. Ground your palms directly beneath your shoulders. Keeping your legs and pelvis low, push up your torso as you bend your back. Go on arching the back until you face skyward.

Variation 1

Spread your legs wide.

Variation 2

PART 1: Bend a knee to lift a leg.

PART 2: Then lift both legs.

PART 3: Next, reach back with one arm to grasp an ankle as in Bow pose (dhanura-bhujangasana).

PART 4: Then grasp a knee.

Variation 3

Skypoint with one hand, centering the other for support.

Variation 4

Twist your body to one side, supporting it on one arm, while using the other arm to hold its opposite thigh to improve the twist: parsva bhujangasana (parsva="side").

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