Pigeon / Kapotasana
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Kapota= "dove, pigeon." Begin in Jalapada. Support the torso with both arms down at your sides. Rotate one leg so that its heel is forward of the perineum. Stretch the other leg straight back. Bend it till the sole aims at the sky. Reach back with one hand and grasp the raised ankle. With the other hand, sky-point.


Variation 1

Point forward and stretch.

Variation 2

Clasp your hands, raise your arms, and sky-point.

Variation 3

Bend all the way forward and do a prostration, arms extended, palms grounded.

Variation 4

Bend forward and down. Raise your arms behind you, interlace fingers; then clasp hands and sky-point.

Variation 5

Arch your back and rest the back of your head on the upturned sole. Reach your arms back over your head and grasp the toes of the upturned foot. This is eka pada rajakapotasana: eka= “one,” pada= “leg,” rajakapota= “king of the pigeons.”

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