Cat / Marjariyasana
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Marjariya= "cat." Begin in Trishna. Bend forward and support your torso on straight arms, palms to the ground and under shoulders. Gaze downward. Keep torso straight and parallel to the ground, and knees under hips. Face downward.

Variation 1

Arch back up. Tuck head under.

Variation 2

Bend back down. Face forward or upward.

Variation 3

Elbows and forearms grounded. The relatively flat back invites the label of bharmanasana; bharman= "table".

Variation 4

From Cat, lean on one hand, twist the torso and skypoint with the other hand for parivritta marjariyasana ("twisted cat pose").

Variation 5

From Cat, extend one leg out behind you. Extend the opposite-side arm out in front of you (paryayata bharmanasana, paryayata="extended, extremely long").

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