Sleeping Frog King /
Supta Jalapadasana
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Begin in Jalapadasana. Using your arms for support, lie back until your back is flat on the floor. Stretch your arms back over your head, with your palms together.

Variation 1

PART 1: Sky-point with both arms.

PART 2: Now grasp your heels.

Variation 2

PART 1: One leg straight, the other kneeling: ardha supta jalapadasana.

PART 2: Then, skypoint with the outstrectched leg.

Variation 3

PART 1: Full Sleeping Frogking: Purna Supta Jalapadasana. From Sleeping Frogking, grasp your heels, lean on your elbows, arch your back, raise your torso, and rest on the crown of your head.

PART 2: Now skypoint with an arm.

PART 3: Next, skypoint with a leg.

Variation 4

Sleeping Thunderbolt pose: Supta Vajrasana. Begin in Vajrasana instead of Jalapadasana. Several alternative arm positions are shown; many others are possible.

Variation 5

Half Sleeping Thunderbolt: Ardha Supta Vajrasana. Begin in Ardha Vajrasana. This image shows yet another arm position.

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