Camel / Ustrasana
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Begin in Natashirasana; reaching back and down to heels, lean farther back on straight arms.

Variation 1

PART 1: Ardha-ustrasana, half-camel. Begin in Jalapada. Lean back and ground your palms. Then raise your butt up; then bend your head back.

PART 2: Next, sky-point.

Variation 2

PART 1: Bend farther back, grounding your elbows.

PART 2: Next, ground your crown: the pose is now purna supta jalapadasana (see kneeling06).

PART 3: Finally, raise a leg.

Variation 3

Twisted Camel, or Parivritta Ustrasana. From Camel, twist your torso, place one hand on the opposite heel, and sky-point with the other hand.

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